Listing the property, Using search portal and finding sales representative:

In case you register with us for listing or finding credible homes and have a sales rep serve you from our company, you would require to provide some personal details. This details are provided to our sales department and Real Estate consultants working with us to deliver you the best suited property.


Non-Personal Information collection;

We sometimes need to know more about you so that we can personalize our services. We may collect information about how you used our site, collected information about our company etc.


We collect information by two ways:

By cookies: When you visit or interact with our website, we may detect the IP address and send cookies

By technical support activities:

When you fill out the registration form, we may ask you for information to help you with the services. This information may be used to send you statements along with invoices and collect payments. This is done to let you have the right profile of developers and best location, send you marketing and sales communication.


All this information is considered highly confidential and is not disclosed to the third part without your approval.

Similarly we expect you to maintain complete confidentiality of our organization in terms of agreements and contracts.


The Privacy policy is under review by the company and is subject to changes and updates

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