Terms and conditions

  1. propyogi.com and all related sites are owned and operated by propyogi.com, DKM Group, Ecotech 3. Greater Noida.
  2. Any publishing, re-production or distributing or commercial usage of content, buyer /developer profiles or other essentials of the company is considered as breach of trust and would invite legal action.
  3. All our proceedings and correspondence with the buyers needs to be solely retained between the buyers and the company.
  4. The logo, open communication tools of website and contracts and agreements are not to be used for any purpose.
  5. Any copyright or trademarks, patents of the company being violated would invite legal actions.
  6. You are expected to adhere to any agreements and contracts with the organization. Violating it would result in legal issue.

Some more conditions…..

  1. We do not entertain any harmful, illegal, defamatory content to be posted on our site or used anywhere in regards to our organization. Any such instance would invite legal action.
  2. We have the sole right to reproduce, modify, publish and add changes to our content.
  3. We expect you to keep confidential all the user agreements, tenders, and other documentation done during the process of buying. It is not allowed for circulation and distributing at any cost.
  4. You agree that we may close your account or put it in legal lens in case we find any infringement on company assets, properties, or any illegal or fraudulent activities.
  5. Our association with you is legal and according to the agreements entered by you during the period of service by us.


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