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Now book your home from any part of the world!!!

Propyogi is the best option for NRIs who want to purchase homes in India. We ensure that all the legal formalities are duly complete and the exact residence type that you want is delivered at credible prices.

Your way back home

Staying abroad for business, mission or vocation or for any other purpose and planning to own a home here.

Get back to your roots and all those family moments spent here or childhood in those colonies. Welcome back to India!!. We have been waiting for you!

Just get your passport and other details, draw out a fund and we promise to deliver the best home amidst the lush green and spiritual sites. And YES! You will get everything credible.

Checklist for buying a residential property

  • Market Trends about prevalent rates of property in the vicinity and last known transactions
  • Ask for photocopies of the all deeds of title related to the property to be purchased.
  • Examine the deeds to establish the ownership of the property by seller, preferably through an advocate
  • Check for approved layout plan and approved building plan with number of floors
  • Clearance from municipality, electricity, water, pollution and lift authorities
  • Confirm transfer fees, stamp duty and registration charges to be paid on purchase of the property

The purchase consideration for the immovable property be paid under the general permission

The purchase consideration should be met either out of inward remittances in foreign exchange through normal banking channels or out of funds from any non-resident accounts maintained with banks in India.

The Loan Issues

  • The loan should be used for meeting the personal requirements or for borrower’s own business purposes; and
  • Loan should not be used for forbidden activities, namely;
  • Business of chit fund, or
  • Agriculture or plantation activities or in real estate business, or construction of farm houses, or
  • Trading in Transferable Development Rights (TDRs)
  • The loan amount cannot be remitted outside India

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