Need for property buying (Why to buy?)

You need to specifically define what you needs have for the property buying. You may require 2BHK or 3BHK according to the size of family or your living comfort. Look for maximum utilization of space available. Moreover you need to see that the place has good reputation. You may require a break from the hustle and bustle of the cities, so you can choose your house in a lush greenery.

Choosing property for residential and commercial purposes are different as the taxes, permits and other registration issues are involved.

Moreover commercial properties are generally preferred where there are offices or industrial areas.

Choosing apt location

One should choose such property which has excellent connectivity to their offices and work areas. Moreover choosing a site with all the basic amenities, supermarket and hospitals. Water and electricity facilities along with construction qualities should be checked.

Choosing a Service Provider

Choose a service provider who offers you the widest range of properties in the areas and comparatively low prices than other service providers. Check for the service provider’s history and developers associated with him. Make sure that the developer or the project owners go through RERA compliance.

Tax Issues

Property taxes can be obtained from municipalities specifically under that area. The property tax calculation is easy and our agents provide it. Moreover if the properties are covered under Pradhan Mantri Yojna, then you can go for easy down payment and more credibility. Consult an advisor before all tax payment.

Legal Issues

Ensure that you have a legal advisor or any advocate at your side to let you know about hidden points of contract and agreement and explain to you the same. No documents should be signed without legal help. Once a contract is drawn, you have to follow the terms of the contract at any cost. Moreover you would require help for pre-purchase and post purchase documentation.

Home Loan

Bank syndication facilities are provided by various service providers. You need to compare the collaterals to be submitted or mortgaging of assets before deciding on any bank. Moreover the reputation of the bank or the lender is very important. Try to go for low rates and as many number of instalments as possible so that you can reduce your monthly EMI according to your budget. The bank paper works are very important and it is better to consult an advisor for such.

Exiting the Market

You should be knowing when to exit real estate market. If the prices of the properties are going up and down or is predicted to show major change in near future, you should be ready to make your move.

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