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Vaastu sutra

  1. The north direction is presided by “Kuber” and is ideal for storing cash, jewellery and other valuables
  2. The north east direction is governed by Deity Shiv and is an ideal direction
  3. The east direction is governed by the sun and Indra “the god of rains”.
  4. The South East is governed by deity Agni
  5. The West direction is governed by Varun and is ideal for study rooms and students
  6. The northwest direction is ruled by Vayu and is considered best for newlywed couples
  7. Drawing room location; the northeast direction is considered good for drawing rooms as this pumps positive energy in the rooms. The northern location adds positive vibes to the room.

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  1. Do not keep any heavy object at the entrance
  2. Have ventilations and light entrance at north east or North West direction
  3. Do not keep a deceased person in a room for a long time. Change his/ her room.
  4. Remove any bed present beneath a beam
  5. Do not display artificial flowers or dried flowers as they are considered inauspicious. It is advisable not to keep cacti or bonsai as they negatively impact the careers and financial aspects of owner.

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  1. Keep the kitchen in South East
  2. Do not create worship rooms or holy places beneath stairs
  3. Try avoid sleeping in a room having lot of corners
  4. Toilet should not be adjoined to store room as this can cause stomach woes
  5. Never live in the basement
  6. It is advisable to put black horse shoe at the entrance
  7. Keep holy places in in North East or North direction of your house.
  8. Avoid having stove or gas in North direction. It can increase expenditure

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